Thank you!

Thank you!
Dear GamePointers,

From Sunday May 24th through Monday May 25th we hosted a Memorial Day Fundraiser and Sale. Thanks to YOU and your incredible generosity we raised $ 6.245,00 for the Armed Services YMCA.

Your support has helped the Armed Services YMCA build emergency food programs to serve military families in need, as well as provide cleaning items that are essential to preparing program facilities as states begin to reopen.

Thanks to the incredible GamePoint Community for your kindness. It is truly appreciated!

BassAckwards - 1 Junio, 2020 06:17
thats AWESOME gamepoint!!!!!! MAYBE....JUST MAYBE you could do something for CANADA one day.....for ALL of us who play on your site and for those who buy coins etc..... CANADIAN RED CROSS is a good one....sure helped me out when we had wildfires here!!!!!! JUST SAYIN!!!!