Were celebrating Party Week!

Were celebrating Party Week!
We all love a fun party! So, this week, we have lots of exciting in-game & live events planned for you! We also planned some fun surprises for you that are not in the schedule, so keep an eye out on the chat announcements!

Daily between February 21-29
Bingo Party is BACK! Head to the 15 Coin automatic room where a special round will take place once a day. Your purchased cards are saved and daubed automatically when the round starts, even if you're offline. And this time, there's up to 99 cards that you can get, but we'll treat you the first one for FREE!

RoyalDice Gold Fever!
Daily between February 21-25
There's a higher chance of receiving a GOLD Chest when you win a RoyalDice game (Normal or Triple Mode). Gold Chests have more types of prizes inside compared to Bronze and Silver Chests!

Filled Jackpots!
Daily between February 26-29
We're going to be filling up the jackpots so when you reach that high score, you'll have a TON of Coins come your way!

LIVE Party Quiz
Monday February 24 and again on Thursday February 27
We’re setting up a fun studio where one GamePoint Quizmaster will ask all kinds of questions during a live stream at 3PM, that you can answer in the chat for a chance to win some extra Coins!

Leap Year Giveaway!
Saturday, February 29 at 2PM ET
Be online in any game or room for a chance to WIN lots and lots of Coins!

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Acey31 -
This is great! Have you considered making a tournament room or special event for card party?